Be understood in any language.
No internet required.

Keep it simple

A good old phone call doesn't care if you have a dumb phone or no mobile data.

Great language support

Using the Unbabel API, you can request a translation in more than 20 languages.

Amazing elevator music

Awkwardly standing in a shop in Italy waiting for a translation? We play ambient music while the message is being translated!

Now in Beta

Please be patient, if you run into a problem, please contact us.

How it works

  1. 1Call +351 308 804 498
  2. 2Name the source language
  3. 3Name the target language
  4. 4Say the text you want to translated
  5. 5Wait a moment for the message translation
    (Optional: do a little happy dance)
  6. 6Listen to the translated message
  7. 7Press X to repeat the translation

Try it now

Call +351 308 804 498 and follow the instructions

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